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Nelson on Kootenay Lake BC

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One of Canada's Prettiest Towns


buskers Nelson street corner

Street Musicians

An eclectic and lively outdoor atmosphere of buskers, street musicians and artists during the warmer months boosts the overall charm and tourism attractions of the town.

shopping Baker Street Nelson BC

Shopping On Baker Street

Historic Baker Street with its tree-lined landscape and wide selection of unique shops, cafes, trendy restaurants and boutiques is a bustling centre for tourists and locals alike.

historic downtown Nelson BC

Historic Buildings

Everywhere you turn in Nelson there's another historic building providing a link to its past. The town has long made it a priority to ensure the preservation of this wonderful collection of Canadiana.

Historic Baker Street

A Free Ferry Ride And A Short Drive

A free ferry ride from nearby Kootenay Bay Ferry Terminal brings you to the Balfour Ferry Terminal which is a short  scenic drive to Nelson's trademark bridge which brings you into the town's central core.

Free Ferry

ferry east shore Kootenay Lake BC
Nelson BC stores

Referred to as "The Queen City" and renowned for its beloved array of restored heritage buildings, which were constructed throughout its formative days during a regional silver and gold rush in the West Kootenays.

The discovery of silver at nearby Toad Mountain in 1886, led to the town's initial population growth. Eventually, incorporation came about in 1897 with the establishment of two railways passing through the town. This lead to Nelson becoming a hub for supplies for the local mining industry and commerce for the entire region.

Town History

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