Mountaineering & Alpine Scrambling

Kokanee Park has some great ridge climbs like the SW Ridge of Esmeralda and the Battleship Traverse, and some fun snow & ice climbs like the North Faces of Mt. Kitchener and Grays Peak (depicted on the Kokanee beer label). The Kokanee Glacier makes for pleasant Glacier Trekking and there are several scenic scrambles like the Outlook – John Carter traverse, the Nansen – Robert Smith traverse, the Pyramids, and the Keyhole. Pristine lakes, abundant wildlife and alpine flower meadows make this area a local treasure. The east side of Kokanee Glacier Park also has excellent opportunities for alpine rock climbing, general mountaineering and scrambling out of the Silver Spray and Woodbury huts.


Climbing peaks in the alpine where rock and/or ice and/or snow are involved in the approach, ascent and descent. Possible considerations include snow stability, seracs, crevasses, cornices and loose rock.

Alpine Scrambling

A hybrid of hiking & climbing to ascend generally non-technical peaks that usually only require the hands for balance. The use of a helmet, rope, crampons or ice axe may be warranted under certain conditions or to increase safety margins and/or comfort levels for some individuals.