Hot Springs

A visit to Ainsworth Hot Springs is a quintessential part of any trip to Crawford Bay Kootenay Lake. Located just 55 minutes (35 minute ferry ride) from Crawford Bay, three world-famous hot pools are set into the side of the mountain, each with fantastic views of Kootenay Lake.

Originating in the Cody Caves area, the water is heated as it filters through porous rock about 2 kilometres beneath the surface. Hydraulic pressure then forces the water upwards where it emerges at a steamy 47C. The water is then cooled to an average 42C before it hits Ainsworth Hot Springs. The main lounging pool temperature averages about 35C but there is also a streamfed cold plunge pool for anyone who is game to give it a try.

A highlight is the 160-foot cave loop featuring limestone stalactites, which you can swim through in waist deep water. A large swimming area also makes this a perfect family attraction no matter what time of year. Spring and fall are great times to beat the crowds but it’s a great experience in any type of weather.