In our previous article we mentioned the importance of course management. What does that mean? Simply, that using your brain and being realistic about your golf skills will help to limit the destructive and demoralizing effects of bad decision making and poor judgment. I think you will agree that it is more likely that improving your scores will result from eliminating the double and triple bogeys on your scorecard, rather than channeling your inner Tiger Woods and making 5 or 6 birdies in a row. So let’s look at these scenarios...



Let’s have a goal of making 2018 your best golf year yet. While it may be too cold outside to hit balls, you can plan ahead for the season right now by focusing on two often neglected areas: equipment and course management. If you think about how important these two categories are, you can improve your scores without hitting endless buckets of balls...

What a summer!

This has been without a doubt a summer to remember or forget for everyone here in British Columbia. The wildfire situation is unprecedented, the drought conditions and extreme heat has been relentless. At Kokanee Springs we have had one day of measurable rain (August 13th) in the last 75 days and temperatures have hovered in the low to mid 30’s just about every day! Our turf maintenance team led by Superintendent Colin has done an outstanding job keeping the playing surfaces in amazing condition.

We have been very fortunate up to this point in that we haven’t had a significant fire on the East Shore. Our hearts go out to our neighbours near and far who have not been so lucky. The efforts of fire fighters, first responders and volunteers has been nothing short of heroic and continues.

Fires continue to burn, the smoke comes and goes and through it all the people of British Columbia soldier on, resilient, optimistic and determined. This isn’t the first time we’ve been through this (although this wildfire season has been the worst on record) and it won’t be the last. We appreciate the encouraging words of our friends and clients and look forward to hosting all of you again soon!



New Proposed Rules Could Make Golf More Fun!

In what most would consider a surprise move the USGA and R&A have proposed sweeping changes to the rules of golf. For these governing bodies who have so staunchly defended the traditions of the game forever it’s amazing to me that they could be so forward thinking.

Growing the game, one of the catch phrases used by industry types for the past decade has proven to be a more difficult task than one would think. Changes to the rules that loosen the strict playing conditions golf is known for can only help. People need to have fun when they play and eliminating penalties for things like soling your club in a bunker or inadvertently moving your ball as you prepare to hit it should result in a more relaxed, fun experience.

Golf must attract younger generations to thrive and although I’m sure the older traditional players will be leery of any changes it’s time. Music playing on carts, relaxed dress codes and now relaxed rules would certainly have Old Tom Morris turning in his grave but progressive thinking is what the game needs right now.

Canadians Flourishing on Tour!

Two different Canadian winners on the PGA Tour and it’s not even spring yet! Adam Hadwin joined MacKenzie Hughes as a tour champion by winning the Valspar Championships at Innisbrook Resort this past weekend. Adam dominated the rest of the field for most of the weekend playing near flawless golf until one bad swing almost derailed his efforts. Making double bogey on the 16th hole on Sunday erased his 2 shot lead and I think we all had visions of another blown opportunity but no, he composed himself beautifully and it was his playing competitor Patrick Cantlay who felt the pressure and hit 2 bad shots on 18 opening the door for Hadwin.

I talked in a previous post about how great it was going to be to have 2 Canadians to watch at Augusta, make that 3! It’s really impressive to watch these young players develop and we have to give credit to the RCGA long term development program initiated in the early 2000’s that now has young men and women playing and excelling on development tours and the big tours too!

It’s Been a Snowy Winter!


As I look out the window of my office here at Kokanee Springs things are still pretty white! The snow has been relentless here in the West Kootenays over the last few months but it looks like we’re finally going to get a break. A week of temperatures in the high single digits and a bit of rain will make all the difference and it looks like that’s exactly what’s in store. We can’t wait to get the season started and we’re still confident that our Opening date of April 14th is safe.

Superintendent Colin and his crew are going to have their work cut out for them but every year presents its challenges and they rise to the occasion every time! Plans are in place to get the greens cleared of snow by the middle of next week and start the annual routine of preparations for opening.

We’ve had an outstanding pre-season sales drive and are looking forward to our best year in quite some time. If you haven’t booked your 2017 visit yet what are you waiting for! Come on out and join in the fun, play a little golf, kick back and relax and enjoy the peace and tranquility that only Kokanee Springs can offer.

Another Season Set to Begin

With most of the country locked in winter’s firm grip it’s hard to get too excited about golf right now. That being said the PGA tour gets started this week and the LPGA later this month. As I wrote about in my last post Canadian golf fans have plenty to be excited about. Mackenzie Hughes will make his 2017 debut at the Tournament of Champions this week in Hawaii and a strong contingent of Canadian players will get going in the coming weeks. Brooke Henderson will try to duplicate her amazing season last year and will be joined by the largest group of Canadian women to play on the LPGA tour in recent memory when the tour kicks off in the last week of January.

It’s going to be an exciting year at Kokanee Springs Resort as well! The BC Mid-Amateur Championships for men and women are being held at the Resort during the first week of July and we are thrilled to be hosting these fine players. We hope that everyone gets the chance to visit this season and look forward to seeing you all!

Something to cheer about!


What a great day and year for Canadian golf! It was just an hour or so ago that Mackenzie Hughes a Canadian rookie on the PGA tour won the final event of the fall in a 4 way playoff eventually beating Camilo Villegas on the 3rd playoff hole. Holy cow, who saw this coming? I can’t wait for April and the Masters, it will be exciting to have a Canadian to cheer for again. Mackenzie earns a 2 year exemption, an invite to the Masters and  about a million bucks, that’s a pretty good weekends work!

The LPGA tour also had their final event this past weekend and our own Brooke Henderson acquitted herself nicely finishing tied for 24th. What an incredible season, 1.7 million in winnings good for 3rd on the money list, 3rd in player of the year voting, 8th in the world ranking and an astonishing 15 top ten finishes in 30 events. Brooke won twice during the season including her first major championship.

2017 is going to be a fun year for golf fans, great young Canadian talent on both the PGA and LPGA tours. It’s been a long time since we’ve had this much to get excited about!

Wow, it's fall already!

Here I sit on Labour Day trying to figure out how the summer went by so fast! We’ve had a busy season so far at Kokanee Springs with a ton of new clients experiencing the Resort for the first time. The weather wasn’t the best but seeing what some of our neighbours in Alberta have put up with I guess we shouldn’t complain!

Fall is fantastic here at Kokanee, I was checking the Weather Network website today and the 14 day forecast is excellent. Nothing but sun and getting warmer, if you haven’t visited at this time of year you really should. The air is clear, the summer crowds are gone and you can feel the pace of life here in the Kootenays relaxing, as we often say if you can’t relax here you can’t relax anywhere!

The trail systems around the community have really caught on this year, bikers and hikers are finding out about our hidden gem and taking advantage. The fall fishing season is underway and people are catching lots of rainbow trout and don’t forget about the golf course! Our long time clients are telling us the course is in better shape than they have ever seen it, kudos to Colin and his crew.

Come on out and experience Kokanee at this wonderful time of year and spend a few days on “Kootenay Time”!