Meet The Kokanee Springs Team

Colin Wastrodowski: Kokanee Springs Golf Course Superintendent

If you’re looking for someone that has first-hand knowledge of the rich and storied history of Kokanee Springs, look no further than our Course Superintendent, Colin Wastrodowski.

Colin’s father Ron Wastrodowski originally started working at Kokanee Springs in 1967 during the construction of the golf course, and Colin was never more than a step or two behind him; spending a great deal of his childhood following his father around the property. Ron was an employee at Kokanee Springs for 37 years, and still occasionally comes by, sharing stories of the past and gems of information with staff and guests alike. And to our great benefit, it’s no surprise that Colin has followed in his father’s footsteps.

Colin started with KSR at the age of 21 when he was hired as a Gardener’s Assistant, eventually moving over to the Turf Department where he has been ever since. For 25 years, Colin has been an integral part of the growth and evolution of KSR, working under four different Course Superintendents until accepting the position himself in 2014.

A highly dedicated and skilled individual, Colin leads by example; always going the extra mile. No job is  too big or too small for him and his dedicated team. Along with current course renovations and working through all kinds of weather and natural disasters, Colin’s team continue their “magic” of providing the incredible playing conditions that Kokanee Springs has been renowned for.

Through record snowfall, spring floods, periods of drought and forest fires, you will see Colin out there every day, working hard for BC’s legendary golf course, Kokanee Springs.

Colin Wastrodowski is our past, our present and our future.