What a summer!

This has been without a doubt a summer to remember or forget for everyone here in British Columbia. The wildfire situation is unprecedented, the drought conditions and extreme heat has been relentless. At Kokanee Springs we have had one day of measurable rain (August 13th) in the last 75 days and temperatures have hovered in the low to mid 30’s just about every day! Our turf maintenance team led by Superintendent Colin has done an outstanding job keeping the playing surfaces in amazing condition.

We have been very fortunate up to this point in that we haven’t had a significant fire on the East Shore. Our hearts go out to our neighbours near and far who have not been so lucky. The efforts of fire fighters, first responders and volunteers has been nothing short of heroic and continues.

Fires continue to burn, the smoke comes and goes and through it all the people of British Columbia soldier on, resilient, optimistic and determined. This isn’t the first time we’ve been through this (although this wildfire season has been the worst on record) and it won’t be the last. We appreciate the encouraging words of our friends and clients and look forward to hosting all of you again soon!