New Proposed Rules Could Make Golf More Fun!

In what most would consider a surprise move the USGA and R&A have proposed sweeping changes to the rules of golf. For these governing bodies who have so staunchly defended the traditions of the game forever it’s amazing to me that they could be so forward thinking.

Growing the game, one of the catch phrases used by industry types for the past decade has proven to be a more difficult task than one would think. Changes to the rules that loosen the strict playing conditions golf is known for can only help. People need to have fun when they play and eliminating penalties for things like soling your club in a bunker or inadvertently moving your ball as you prepare to hit it should result in a more relaxed, fun experience.

Golf must attract younger generations to thrive and although I’m sure the older traditional players will be leery of any changes it’s time. Music playing on carts, relaxed dress codes and now relaxed rules would certainly have Old Tom Morris turning in his grave but progressive thinking is what the game needs right now.