Wow, it's fall already!

Here I sit on Labour Day trying to figure out how the summer went by so fast! We’ve had a busy season so far at Kokanee Springs with a ton of new clients experiencing the Resort for the first time. The weather wasn’t the best but seeing what some of our neighbours in Alberta have put up with I guess we shouldn’t complain!

Fall is fantastic here at Kokanee, I was checking the Weather Network website today and the 14 day forecast is excellent. Nothing but sun and getting warmer, if you haven’t visited at this time of year you really should. The air is clear, the summer crowds are gone and you can feel the pace of life here in the Kootenays relaxing, as we often say if you can’t relax here you can’t relax anywhere!

The trail systems around the community have really caught on this year, bikers and hikers are finding out about our hidden gem and taking advantage. The fall fishing season is underway and people are catching lots of rainbow trout and don’t forget about the golf course! Our long time clients are telling us the course is in better shape than they have ever seen it, kudos to Colin and his crew.

Come on out and experience Kokanee at this wonderful time of year and spend a few days on “Kootenay Time”!