Is it time to recharge?

Well, we’re in full swing now. It’s been a good start for us here at Kokanee, lots of guests and people enjoying the great golf course that I know most of you have played many times. There seems to be something a bit different this year though, so many of our regular clients and friends have had such a difficult year and they are looking for something more. Tranquility, peace and the chance to get off the grid even if it’s only for a short time is what I’m hearing most often.

People are talking about how comforting it is to come back to something so familiar and laid back. Kokanee Springs is a unique place, it is quiet and it is peaceful, we don’t have the trappings of many of our “glitzy” competitors and right now that seems to be resonating with a lot of people. As I often tell people “forget neon lights, we don’t even have street lights!”, the amazing natural beauty, the deer wandering around the course without a care in the world and the absence of all the distractions of city life are providing people with the break they need.

Life in the West Kootenays’ is therapeutic and might be just what you need to recharge your batteries. We’d love to see you so come on out and get off the treadmill!