It's Almost Show Time!

There’s nothing like the excitement around a golf course the week before opening, every department is down to crunch time. This is especially true at a facility like Kokanee Springs where many of our staff come to us from other parts of the province and country. New staff members are checking in, getting their rooming assignments (we offer staff accommodations), going through orientation and training and getting to know one and other. It’s awesome to see the enthusiasm and excitement, for some it’s the first time away from home so there’s a look of “what have I gotten myself into” on some faces!

We’re only 4 days from opening as I write this so the learning curve is pretty steep for most of the new people we have. Whether they are in housekeeping, food and beverage services, golf services or maintenance there is a lot to learn and not much time to learn it. Great leadership from our department heads and pure determination from the group will have everything ready for you when you visit.

The next time you’re here and you interact with a member of our team, take a minute and ask them about how things are going, I know they would appreciate it and who knows they could be from your home town!