Game On!

It really is amazing how much effort our staff members put in regardless of department to get Kokanee Springs ready to open for the season. On our “facebook” page we have documented a lot of what has been happening out on the course, bunker upgrades on several back 9 holes, new stairs on #9 tee and lots of other good work done. It doesn’t stop there though, 6 rooms in the Lodge were upgraded and redecorated, new equipment and a major facelift in our kitchen, creating the new “Adventure Centre” and getting the Pro Shop ready for business. What a great job by everyone!

We also have upgraded some of our systems and IT. If you haven’t already done so check out our new online tee sheet, this system will allow us to do so much more than our old technology allowed. Keep an eye on it if you are in the area and you will see special pricing on certain tee times and days, it’s kind of a modified “Dynamic Pricing” model that is common in the airline and hotel industries and will allow us to be agile and reactive to our business levels and will in the end benefit our loyal clients.

Speaking of loyalty, we have installed the “Vicinity” loyalty reward system this year. This will provide our daily green fee players with a chance to earn points from golf and F&B purchases, the points earned can then be redeemed for future golf outings.

Add to all that the “Adventures in Paradise” component and there is a ton of new stuff happening at Kokanee this year. It’s going to be FUN!