The Legend Grows – Hello Norman!

Most of you reading this already know that Kokanee Springs was designed by Mr. Norman H Woods. Norman was a prolific golf course architect; he designed or renovated over 200 golf courses in his illustrious career and worked side by side for over 20 years with the most famous Canadian designer of all Stanley Thompson.

In honor of Norman a portrait was commissioned this past winter and several weeks ago it was hung in a prominent spot in our restaurant “Woods Pumphouse Grill”, which was named after Norman. That’s when things started to get a bit weird!

Our morning servers are reporting some pretty strange goings on since that portrait showed up. Things moved from their normal spots, TVs and music turning on and off  all on their own, I know it sounds crazy but just ask them next time you’re in for breakfast they’ll tell you all about it.

 I’m not sure how everyone out there feels about ghosts although I know there are many people who believe they exist. Either way it’s kind of fun to think that Norman is back here at Kokanee Springs, this was his favorite masterpiece.

Come on out and play the legend it just became more fun than ever!