My First Kokanee Springs Thunder Storm

Wow! What a night, my first thunder storm here at Kokanee Springs. This place is cool even when it’s stormy. Early in the evening you could see that the sky was getting darker but it seemed to hang a couple of Valleys down the lake forever.

Finally at about 8pm it started, the lightning flashed and the thunder rolled, and it rolled and rolled and rolled! The echo and bounce off the mountains on either side of the Resort is incredible. On top of that somewhere in the middle of it all the coyotes started to howl, the cloud cover was right on top of us, almost like a fog and the whole thing created a crazy sort of eerie effect that I will never forget.

In the end there wasn’t much rain or wind, the storm passed and this morning the golfers were eager and ready to go as always. It was definitely a cool experience though and only adds to the aura and the legend of Kokanee Springs. 

Ian Wiber
Director of Golf, Kokanee Springs Resort