Mystical Kind of Place

Kokanee Springs is a mystical kind of place, the silence, the seclusion the calmness all combine to provide a truly unique golf setting. 

If you have read “In Search of Shivas Irons” by Michael Murphy (and if you haven’t you should) you would find parallels in the feeling surrounding Kokanee. In the book Murphy travels to Scotland in search of a mysterious Legendary Golf Pro in hopes of discovering the true secret to perfect golf. Along the way he experiences an almost paranormal series of events leading to his fog shrouded meeting with the mythical old Pro. You can feel that sense of mystery and wonder when you walk the fairways of Kokanee Springs Resort. 
Located in the world's only Temperate Inland Rainforest, the Resort’s foliage is thick and the natural flowers are amazing. When you venture out on any of the many kilometers of hiking trails on the property you will soon find yourself under the canopy in a dark, lush, moist rainforest environment that seems to belong in some tropical location far far away from here. You will hear sounds that you will not hear anywhere else, birds, insects and the wildlife that populate the forest provide an unbelievable soundtrack.

Playing golf  in this setting here at Kokanee Springs is an experience that you will not find just anywhere, come and live the mystery, let your imagination wander, Play The Legend!

Ian Wiber
Director of Golf, Kokanee Springs Resort