Kokanee Springs Golf Learning Centre


Our goal is to provide an atmosphere and curriculum that will ensure all of our guests, regardless of skill level, receive meaningful coaching that will truly make a difference in your game.

Whether you join in a 5-session, week-long program, take a private lesson from one our on site golf pros or take advantage of any of our other learning opportunities, your instruction will be tailored to your needs. Our instructors have a wealth of experience developed through years of working with clients at all skill levels.

If you require something more specifically targeted to your swing or knowledge base, we would be pleased to custom design a program that will fit your schedule and provide the answers you seek. Advanced Short Game theories, shot shaping and course management are just a few of the possibilities.

The Kokanee Resort Golf Learning Centre is here to help you develop your game. 

Stay tuned for our 2018 Golf School Itinerary and Packages!

Private Golf Lessons at Kokanee Springs

Call 1-800-979-7999 to book all Golf School programs