Kokanee Springs Golf Learning Centre



Take your game to new heights through our ‘Higher Learning' programs. Skills-intensive and fun, these classes are available at any day of the week all season long with any stay & play package.

Choose from:*

  • 3-Day College Class: $150
  • 5-Day University Program: $250

Groups are limited to 8 players.

Private Golf Lessons at Kokanee Springs

new for 2018

We are incorporating new training aids for 2018 which will enhance your learning experience. The Perfect Putter will show the importance of matching speed with intended line. It is also the only training aid that tests the four key aspects of putting: Green reading, Aiming, Speed and Stroke. Also, SuperSpeed Golf’s weighted clubs system will increase swing speed, maximize efficiency of the swing, improve consistency in ball striking, and reduce many common swing flaws.

Our unique approach will elevate your game with varied and stimulating instructional sessions in the morning, then you'll get out on our legendary course to try out what you have been working on. Don’t forget to do your homework! Be sure to track your stats when you play so we can monitor your progress, adapt your school curriculum, work on your weaknesses and maintain your strengths throughout your stay.

*Prices listed include 90-minute daily lesson only and are exclusive of green fees, cart rentals and accommodations. These programs can be added to any Stay & Play package. Per-day pricing is also available.

Request your reservation online or call 1-800-979-7999